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In Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium
Norcar Logistics
Norcar Logistics is a full-service provider of logistics services for the automotive industry in Europe, including Norcar's own companies. We ensure that your vehicle is delivered to your location in the most efficient manner possible – at competitive prices!

Our employees have over 15 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Europe and specialize in document handling and goods flow, both within the EU and to non-EU countries. Norcar Logistics has offices and logistics areas in close proximity to the Svinesund customs station in Halden.

We can offer:
  • Transportation of vehicles throughout Europe – including import/export to Switzerland
  • Customs clearance of vehicles
  • Pre-approval of vehicles for registration in Norway – including vans!
  • Complete winter tires, towbars for most models, and anti-rust treatment.
Tommy Lennartsson
Logistics manager
Tel: +47 90092548
Our industry experience and network provide you as a customer with the confidence you seek to make the right purchases!