Norcar AS

– your B2B partner for all types of cars

Through our network in Europe we trade in a wide variety of cars. Mainly to the Scandinavian market, but we also trade in the rest of the EU region.
We specialize in EV and PHEV and have a wide network and the knowhow.
We manage the logistic between purchase and sale. We take care of the transaction and paperwork between our suppliers and customers, and provide a safe and reliable transaction for our suppliers, our customers and for NORCAR.

High standards, trust and reliability is our strength, assuring long term benefits for our partners and for NORCAR


Our suppliers, customers and partners are all authorized brand dealers, importers or huge brokers with a direct link to the factories. We have a well-established relationship with several partners going back long periods of time. Securing that the cars are delivered in the agreed conditions and within the time limit that has been established.


Our competence extends over 3 decades in the automotive industry. We have worked strategically and operatively in management, purchase and sales. Our knowledge is our, and our partner`s, guarantee ensuring a safe and seamless trade.


The automotive industry and the dealerships are faced with major changes. In this setting it`s important to make the right strategic choices. Even though we are face with major changes, there is a basic logic behind buy and sell. To sell or buy cars to the right price will always be the starting point of good business.

NORCAR is a specialist in this matter - “right cars to the right price” We are your preferred partner, either you are a supplier in need of a partner to increase your sale, or a dealership who needs attractive cars to your stock.


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