Joachim Haug and Øivind Buer are founders of NORCAR AS.
Together we have 30 years of experience from established brand dealers in the Oslo area. We hold a lot of the same values and we have the same view on how to do business.
We have built our network and reputation by complying trust and professionalism mixed with a good mood, this is the recipe for mutual success.

Øivind Buer

Øivind has a background in sales, as a sales manager, dealer manager and sales director.

Joachim Haug

Joachim has a background in sales, purchasing, and as an import and purchase manager.

We have a broad and solid knowledge within the Scandinavian auto industry after working both operatively and strategicly in our former positions.
We have gained important experience with the impact of electrification, and the changes necessary to meet the reforms. We understand that the value of a long-term partnership is advantageous for both parties.

«Profitable partnership» is the experience we want you to be left with after doing business with us!



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